2020: IBI Scientific’s Response to COVID-19

By: Rebecca Peterson 

IBI Scientific is proud to support our community and nation in these challenging times. We’ve honed in our product development and manufacturing efforts to support critical needs in this fight. Check out what your friends at IBI Scientific have been working on in 2020.


Our 5% bleach solution was specifically created in April 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Bleach is the #1 most effective disinfectant for immediate removal of DNA and RNA on contact.


The ethyl-alcohol industry began seeing shortages in April-May 2020 in direct response to the hand sanitizer demand in the fight against Covid-19. Though not designed directly for use in hand sanitizer products, our specialty denatured bulk ethanol (4 liters) was ready and available at a time when other suppliers were seeing 2-3 month wait times due to the industry wide shortages.

Custom Cast Acrylic Shielding

IBI saw an uptick in interest in our custom designed cast acrylic shields, specifically in local schools, medical establishments, and restaurants, though our shields are available for purchase nationwide. IBI’s cast acrylic is the most chemically resistant material available and is more resistant to cracking. In the event of a strike against the shield, the material is softer providing more give and less likelihood of breakage in comparison to polycarbonate. After IBI receives photos and dimensions of your space requiring shielding, we design and provide an individualized quote for each customer.

Contributions to Research

Currently, research centers around the globe are analyzing whether saliva collection is more accurate and advantageous than other methods of collecting viral samples, including Covid-19 and influenza.

We manufacture a number of products that help make this research possible:

Saliva collection viral RNA samples (Covid-19)

Viral DNA/RNA extraction kits (column based)

ViraMag - Magnetic Bead Virus DNA/RNA Extraction Kits


If you have any questions, email us at or to order any of these products, visit our website


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