Ultra Sieve Agarose

Model Number IB70054

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CAS#: 9012-36-6

  • For separation of DNA fragments smaller than 1200bp
  • High resolution of short PCR products
  • High visibility and clarity
  • Excellent gel strength for blotting procedures
  • DNase- and RNase-Free

IBI Ultra Sieve Agarose is designed for molecular screening of small DNA fragments and PCR products up to 1200bp. IBI Ultra Sieve Agarose has excellent gel strength with clear, sharp, finely resolved bands.

Use a 1.8% gel for 400-1200bp fragments, a 3.0% gel for 150-800bp fragments, and a 4.5% gel for 15-400bp fragments. These ranges are approximate and have been calculated in 1X TAE buffer. To achieve the best resolution of Ultra Sieve Agarose gels they should be stored at +4-8 degrees C for 30 minutes prior to use.

CAS#: 9012-36-6
Melting Temperature: 75°C
EEO (-mr): <0.13
Sulfate: < 0.1%
Gel Strength (@ 4%): > 800 g/cm²
Gelling Point: 35°C
Ash: <0.3%
Moisture: <7%

Molecular Biology Specifications
DNase Assay: None Detected
RNase Assay: None Detected
Protease Assay: None Detected
Gel Analysis Assay: Pass
DNA Extraction Assay: Pass

IB70054 - Specification Sheet

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