3:1 Super Sieve Agarose

Model Number IB70052

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CAS#: 9012-36-6

  • For separation of DNA fragments smaller than 1500bp
  • Sharp and finely resolved bands
  • Low background for better transparency
  • High transference for DNA fragments 154 – 2176bp in 4% gels
  • Low DNA binding
  • DNase- and RNase-Free

IBI 3:1 Super Sieve Agarose is designed for use in the separation of DNA fragments smaller than 1500bp. IBI 3:1 Super Sieve Agarose is recommended for all analytical applications, especially when DNA is recovered for use in enzymatic procedures. IBI 3:1 Super Sieve Agarose has excellent gel strength and flexibility which minimizes cracking during handling.

Use a 2.0% gel for 500-1500bp fragments and a 4% gel for 150-600bp fragments. These ranges are approximate and have been calculated in 1X TAE Buffer.

Melting Temperature (@ 4%):93°C
Gel Strength (@ 4%):>4200 g/cm²
Gel Strength (@ 15%):>2000 g/cm²
Gelling Point (@ 4%):≤40.5°C
EEO (-mr):<0.12
Clarity (NTU) @1.5%:≤5

Molecular Biology Specifications
DNase assay:None Detected
RNase assay:None Detected
Protease assay:None Detected
Gel analysis assay:Pass
DNA Extraction assay:Pass

IB70052 - Specification Sheet

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