Replacement 220v Power Cord

Model Number COMCD0004

  • Item Description
  • Specifications
  • 220v European Power Cord
  • 6 ft. long
  • Used on 220v Belly Dancer, Belly Bath, Hi-Lo Rocker, Low Profile Roller and Belly Button shaker.

The COMCD0004 contains a replacement 220v power cord for the Belly Dancer Shaker, Hi-Lo Rocker, Belly Bath, Belly Button shaker, and Low Profile Roller. This power cord is a 220v European configured cord, 6 ft. long.

Plug Type = CEE 7/7 Shucko
Cord Type = HO5 VV-F 3*1.00mm
Electrical Specs = 10A/250v
RoHS 03.16.12KP

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