Heavy Duty Replacement Leg Kit for Belly Dancer Shaker

Model Number ACCLG0003

  • Item Description
  • Includes 4 pieces of THICK WALL tubing that make up the platform legs.
  • Also includes 8 cable ties.
  • Instruction sheet on how to change platform legs.

The ACCLG0003 contains 4 pieces of THICK WALL tubing and cable ties that make up the replacement leg kit for The Belly Dancer® Shaker.

This Replacement Leg kit contains tubing that is heavier than the standard legs that come with a Belly Dancer unit when purchased new. Kit comes complete with instruction sheet on how to replace the platform legs. Instruction sheet can also be viewed and downloaded by clicking on Technical Information tab above. All four legs should be replaced, do not just replace one or two. This kit should NOT be used on the Belly Button Shaker.


Replacement Leg Instructions

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