Mouse Restraint


Mouse Restraint

Model Number MH-100


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Durable, cast acrylic small mouse restraint with adjustable nose piece to ensure safety of animal and handler
  • 1-inch inner diameter of clear, cast acrylic tube
  • Comes complete with adjustable nose restraint and tightening knob
  • Numerous access ports for injections
  • Applications: Tail injections, tail bleeds, tail warming and easy access to animal body for other types of injections

The MH-100 Small Mouse Restraint is designed to keep both the animal and handler safe in today's life science research lab. The restraintcomes complete with an adjustable nose restraint and tightening knob to accommodate varying animal sizes. By drawing the tail into the holder through the appropriate machined slot, the nose piece can then be easily inserted and tightened to secure theanimal. The tail first entry provides easyaccessibility to the tail vein for bleeds or injections. A hole in the round, nylon nosepiece allows foreasy breathing of the secured animal. Two, round 1/4" access ports on twosides of the unit, along with slots for the tightening knob--and tail insertion--on the opposite two sides, permitaccess for subcutaneous injections. The rugged restraint tube is manufactured from 1/4" cast acrylic and measures 1-inch in diameter. It can be easily cleaned and disinfected for years of repeat use.

IBI offers an accessory stand (MH-550) that holds the Mouse Restraint at a 45 degree angle for easy access to the tail and other areas. See available parts and accessories below.

The nose restraint with tightening knob (MH-10) can also be purchased as a replacement part.

Additional sizes of animal restraints are available in the following restraint sizes: 1.25", 2", 2.5" and 3" (tube inner diameter.)

Made in the USA

Base Footprint:1.75” x 1.75”
Inside Diameter:1.00”
Overall Height:4”
Product Weight:< 1 lbs
Shipping Weight:2 lbs
Access Port Diameter:¼” diameter
Wall thickness:¼” thick cast acrylic


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