Dri-Gauze Filter Cap Linings (Flask) - 5 Pack

Model Number SS-3018


The Dri-Gauze Filter Cap Linings for flasks allow for maximum gas exchange while maintaining sterility. This is a paper filter than can be used approx. 6 to 8 times before having to be replaced. This filter can be autoclaved while in the cap, on the flask, for 6 to 8 times. Our 0.2 micron Dri-Gauze Filter Cap Linings are specially designed to accommodate a 300 ml flask. They are also available in Silicone.

  • Product Assembly & Cleaning

Cap & Filter Assembly:

Once you have the 2-piece cap assembly apart (either the 300 ml cap or the 2.5 L cap) place the corresponding filter size inside the cap and the re-assemble the inner and outer cap pieces making certain to align the tabs with their associated holes. Once clipped into place, make certain the filter completely covers the cap assembly openings. 

Preparing and Cleaning the TUNAIR flask: 

Your TUNAIR flasks are constructed of polypropylene plastic which allows them to be autoclaved. Once you have prepared your media inside the flask you can place the cap & filter on the flask and insert into the autoclave. Set the autoclave for wet cycle.   

Once you have harvested your cells, wash the TUNAIR flask in a mild dish soap such as Dove Dish Soap then rinse well with DI water. Do NOT rinse the Dri-Gauze filter between uses. The silicone filter can also be rinsed with DI water if needed. Observe the condition of the filters between runs to make certain there are no holes or tears in the filter. If there are, replace the filter immediately.

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