Silicone Membrane Cap Linings (Flask) - 5 Pack

Model Number SS-3016

  • Item Description
  • Includes five 0.22 micron silicone membrane cap linings to accommodate a 300ml flask.

The silicone filters are 0.22 micron and will last indefinitely unless punctured. The silicone filters do not need to be washed, but can be rinsed with water if visibly soiled. It is recommended to always leave the filter in the cap and autoclave.

To replace the filter lining in the cap assembly, simply pinch the flanges of the inner-closure shell until they snap loose. Then, pull apart and remove used lining. Replace the lining by sandwiching it between two parts of the cap and snap the cap back together. When reassembling the cap, ensure the flanges from the inner piece snap into the mated grooves in the outer piece. This will ensure the cap assembly stays together during use.

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