Automated Blot Washer


The Western Blot or protein immunoblot is a widely used analytical technique in molecular biology and immunogenetics for detecting specific proteins in a tissue homogenate or extract. A primary antibody is placed into solution and the Western Blot membrane is submerged in the solution. The primary antibody recognizes and binds to the target protein. A secondary antibody is placed into solution and added, it binds to the primary antibody. The secondary antibody allows visualization through various methods such as staining or immunofluorescence. 

This entire procedure requires numerous buffer exchanges and rinses of the Western Blot membrane that can be automated to eliminate time consuming and laborious processes. Automating your Western Blots will also provide repeatability and consistency in your blots which will eliminate outlying results.

The IBI Blot Washer was specifically designed to automate the tedious and time consuming process of secondary antibody application and membrane rinsing. Easily adaptable to your existing shaker or rocking platform or use the IBI Belly Dancer shaker or IBI Hi-Lo Rocker. The IBI Blot Washer is programmable to determine the volume of each rinse, the time between rinses and the total number of rinse cycles. The unit can accommodate up to 20 individual programs. The IBI Blot Washer can run 1 and up to 4 blots simultaneously. 

The IBI Blot Washer comes with the Main Module which contains all port connections and pressure pump, a 4L buffer source carboy and a 4L waste carboy. Unit also comes with a single blot manifold that connects to most blot washing containers. A quad harness for running 1 to 4 blots simultaneously can be purchased separately. Choose IBI's Blot washer for consistent and repeatable western blots.

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