Researchers Guide to Collecting the SARS-CoV-2 Sample

Written by: Rebecca Peterson

 Table of Contents:

  • IBI Scientific TransMedia Kit
  • IBI Scientific Saliva Kit

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there’s been no shortage of questions circulating. How did the disease originate? How long will we be wearing masks and social distancing? Can we get an alternative to the brain-tickling, nuisance of a nasal swab we’ve all been stuck with for testing? All jokes aside, there are other concerns surrounding sample collection other than nasal discomfort… Could saliva-based tests be as accurate? More cost effective? Safer?


To answer some of these questions, The Annals of Internal Medicine  (April, 2021) conducted a meta-analysis including 37 studies with over 7,000 comparisons of saliva versus nasopharyngeal swabs of SARS-CoV-2. Results concluded that the accuracy of nasopharyngeal swab tests and saliva sample tests were practically identical. They also found that saliva collection methods could save roughly $636,000 U.S. dollars for every 100,000 people tested.


While there has been no shortage of questions surrounding the disease and pandemic state, there have been plenty of shortages of critical products across the supply chain. If you are a life science researcher studying COVID-19, read on as we begin our 3-part blog series discussing the various products immediately available for collecting, extracting, and diagnosing viral samples—including SARS-CoV-2.


IBI Transmedia Kit vs. Saliva Collection Kit


IBI Scientific TransMedia Kit?

The IBI TransMedia Kit is designed for the stabilization, transportation, and inactivation of infectious samples suspected of containing viral and bacterial DNA/RNA. The IBI TransMedia Kit consists of a 6 mL storage tube with a cap (80mm L x 12.5 diameter) containing 1 mL of the stabilization solution complete with swabs compatible with nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal cavities collection, as well as sputum specimens.

Components intended to:

  • Inactivate virus and bacteria
  • Lyse cells
  • Lyse lipid membranes
  • Denature proteins
  • Inactivate enzymes
  • Stabilize viral & bacterial DNA/RNA


  • Virus/bacteria killing
  • Nucleases inactivation
  • RNA stabilization
  • Sample long term storage
  • Room temperature transport 
  • Human cfDNA/cfRNA stabilization

If your study design requires storage of samples for several days, choose IBI Scientific’s Transmedia Kit for its RNA stabilization solution, allowing you to keep your refrigerated sample viable.

IBI Scientific Saliva Kit

The IBI Saliva Collection Kit is designed to easily capture and store saliva samples deposited directly from patients. These factory-packaged kits have been optimized for collecting saliva specimens meant for use in RNA extraction procedures such as those used for COVID-19 and other viral diagnostic/ detection procedures. Your kit includes a funnel that easily attaches to the included 12 ml collection tube. The label on the collection tube contains a bar code and a line indicating the level at which saliva needs to be deposited. This kit is designed for high throughput automated liquid handling systems. Detailed instructions on use are also included in the kit. Available in a range of quantities from just 1 kit up to packs of 500.

  • Cost-effective and non-invasive method for capturing Viral DNA/RNA samples
  • Easy to use funnel fits on to collection tube
  • Standardized for high throughput processing and automated liquid handling
  • Typical DNA/RNA yields following IBI DNA/RNA Extraction Method = 100 µg
  • Optimized for use in COVID-19 testing

If your study design allows for specimen collection and processing within 4 to 8 hours, choose IBI Scientific’s Saliva Collection Kit.

Order today—Available and Cost Effective

IBI Scientific manufactures many supplies needed for the collection, extraction, and analysis of viral RNA samples, including our TransMedia Kit (IB47470) and Saliva Kit (SK-300). Order yours today or email us at with any questions.

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