Decrease Pipetting Errors with an Adjustable Microplate Platform

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As a researcher, when the topic of pipetting comes to your mind you might have a whirlwind of thoughts. Thoughts ranging anywhere from stress, annoyance or even indifference.

Regardless of which feeling that pipetting invokes in you, pipetting can make or break your lab productivity.

With good pipetting techniques and proper preparation, pipetting makes the day-to-day operations of your lab move smoothly. But without adequate pipetting techniques, both you and your lab suffer.

According to a survey conducted by The Scientist, it was discovered that, “human error is the largest source of pipetting problems.” Even the most seasoned scientists can find themselves victim to the occasional human mishap or mistake.

Pipetting Errors Graph


Human error accounts for over half of errors – a whopping 55% to be exact. That is a percentage far too large for any scientist or researcher to ignore. Keep reading if you would like to know how IBI’s new product can help to reduce common pipetting errors.

What are some common pipetting errors?

  • Over-filling your wells with material, leading to unwanted spills
  • Underfilling your wells, impacting your results negatively
  • Missing a well altogether, negatively affecting your pipetting results
  • Not cleaning your pipette before conducting an experiment, causing cross-contamination
  • Not cleaning your lab bench before pipetting, contaminating your experiments
  • Angling your pipette incorrectly when extracting liquids, causing air bubbles to form
  • Rushing through your pipetting, causing you to make unwanted mistakes
  • Pipetting on uneven surfaces, causing inaccuracy


IBI Chemist Pipetting


What are some ways to combat pipetting errors?

  • Cleaning your lab bench before you begin pipetting to prevent potential cross-contamination
  • Cleaning your pipettes prior to liquid transfer to ensure proper cleanliness.
  • Inspecting the condition of your pipettes and lab equipment for damage prior to your process
  • Only pipetting in an upright, vertical motion, so you do not impact the liquid transfer
  • Keeping your lab equipment and tools within arm’s reach so you do not risk knocking things over
  • Only pipetting on completely flat & level surfaces, to ensure you are pipetting the correct amounts
  • Checking the temperature of your lab prior to pipetting because temperature can affect your process
  • Using pipetting tools to assist you in the pipetting process, so you can work more efficiently


Close-up of IBI Pipetting


Does IBI Scientific offer any pipetting tools?

IBI Scientific has a Microplate Platform (MS-100) which can be used to assist you during the pipetting process. This platform is unique because it has been designed with researchers in mind. From its acrylic construction, the microplate’s removable silicone mat, the rubberized feet and its adjustable capabilities, attention has been given top to bottom.

Read on to discover more benefits of IBI Scientific’s Microplate Platform.

IBI Scientific Microplate Platform

Benefits of the IBI Microplate Platform

The Microplate platform is made from cast acrylic making it:

  • Lightweight – making it easy to move around your lab
  • Highly-Transparent compared to glass
  • Easy to clean with 70% Ethanol
  • Strong due to its resistance against shattering, sunlight, and harsh chemicals
Microplate platform made of cast acrylic

The Microplate Platform comes with a “stay-in-place” silicone mat which:

  • is removable from the platform
  • is autoclavable
  • is easy to clean with warm water and detergent
  • provides stability for well-plates by gripping onto the bottom of the platform
Silicone mat for IBI Scientific Microplate Platform

The Microplate Platform has rubberized “feet” on the bottom which:

  • provides stability and sturdiness
  • provides cushion between the platform and your work surface
  • protects the platform from structural damage
  • helps to keep the platform level when pipetting
  • protects your lab bench from potential scratches, dings, and dents

Rubber feet on IBI Scientific Microplate Platform

The Microplate Platform is adjustable giving you a better view of your well plate wells. This helps to prevent sight errors such as:

  • over-filling wells
  • missing wells
  • spilling lab materials
  • cross-contamination

Adjustable IBI Scientific Microplate Platform

How to adjust the angle of the Adjustable Microplate Platform:

  1. Loosen the thumbscrews on each side of the platform, by gently rotating them with your hands
  2. Adjust to the desired angle you want for your specific protocol
  3. Re-tighten the thumbscrews to maintain your adjusted angle

To adjust the IBI Scientific Microplate Platform

Watch this video to see the IBI Scientific Microplate Platform in action:



Human error is a lingering frustration that researchers face when pipetting in the lab. Such errors can quickly turn a viable experiment into a one that is not in mere minutes. But with the IBI Microplate Platform, you can combat such errors while simultaneously boosting your labs efficiency. IBI Scientific strives to provide superior products that are designed with our scientific community in mind.


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Written by: Katie Draves



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