Urethane Tube Mat

Model Number ACCAA0003

  • Item Description
  • Physical Specifications
  • Made of durable urethane
  • Can be placed directly on The Belly Dancer® or Rockerplatform
  • Holds 10ml, 15ml and 50ml tubes

The ACCAA003 contains an accessory urethane tube mat that can be placed directly on top of The Belly Dancer® platform or Hi-Lo Rocker platform. This accessory mat is designed to hold in place, 10ml, 15ml and 50ml tubes for shaking/mixing.

The tube mat contains small “fingers” that protrude upward and provide secure placement for tubes during shaking.
Adjusting The Belly Dancer® platform to provide a flat orbital motion is ideal for shaking liquid in tubes. The Hi-Lo Rocker will also provide excellent mixing action for liquid in tubes.

Dimensions = 12” x 12”
Material = Urethane
Color = Black
Care = Do Not Autoclave. Tube mat should be washed with HOT soapy water

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