CAP, LOW PROFILE - For 2.5L Flask

Model Number SS-3020


The TUNAIR™ low profile cap assembly is designed to fit in nearly all manufactures' shakers measuring only 11 inches tall. It is constructed of polypropylene and are resistant to most solvents. All flasks and caps are fully autoclavable prior to reuse and filter linings can also be autoclaved or simply replaced.

  • Filter Replacement and Cleaning

Replacement Instructions:

The Low Profile cap has a Quick-Flip feature that allows easy and quick access to the cap filter. To replace or clean the filter, simply press up on the latch tab to open the cap. The cap will hinge open allowing complete access to the filter. Lay a new or cleaned filter flat inside the cap and snap the latch back together again ensuring the filter is sandwiched flat in the cap.

Cleaning Instructions:

Your TUNAIR flasks are constructed of polypropylene plastic which allows them to be autoclaved. Once you have prepared your media inside the flask you can place the cap & filter on the flask and insert into the autoclave. Set the autoclave for wet cycle.   

Once you have harvested your cells, wash the TUNAIR flask in a mild dish soap such as Dove Dish Soap then rinse well with DI water. Do NOT rinse the Dri-Gauze filter between uses. The silicone filter can also be rinsed with DI water if needed. Observe the condition of the filters between runs to make certain there are no holes or tears in the filter. If there are, replace the filter immediately.

All TUNAIR Erlenmeyer flasks and caps can be cleaned by soaking in water with a light detergent (i.e. Joy) solution to loosen dirt and contaminants, then air dry. All TUNAIR flasks and caps can be autoclaved, if required.

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