20X SSC Buffer

Model Number IB72010

  • Item Description
  • Physical Specifications
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • SDS
  • Buffer containing Sodium chloride and Sodium citrate

SSC Buffer is a solution formulated for use in nucleic acid preparation and blotting applications, including northern blotting. SSC Buffer is used in concentrations ranging from 0.2X to 20X solutions depending on the application.

Solution Components:
- 3.0 M Sodium Chloride
- 0.3 M Sodium Citrate
Conductivity (1X Solution):17,750 ± 2150 μmhos
pH (20X Solution @ 25°C):7.00 ± .15
Refractive Index (20 X Solution):1.370 ± 0.010

IB72010 - Specification Sheet

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