RNase A Solution - 100ul

Model Number IB47163


RNase A (Ribonuclease A) is a robust and essential enzyme used widely in molecular biology for degrading RNA. It specifically cleaves the phosphodiester bonds of RNA, resulting in the breakdown of RNA into smaller components. This enzyme is pivotal in various applications, including plasmid purification, RNA purification, and the removal of RNA from DNA preparations.

  • Item Description

Replacement RNase A – 100 ul

  • Ribonuclease A from Bovine Pancreas
  • Removes unspecifically bound RNA
  • Concentration = 50mg/ml
  • For use with IBI Mini plasmid kits

RNase A solution is most used for removal of RNA from preparations of plasmid DNA.

IBI offers replacement RNase A Solutionfor the IBI Hi-Speed Mini Plasmid kits.

The concentration of RNase A is 50mg/ml and this replacement item is for IB47101 & IB47102.
Of course this RNase A can be used for other applications that require the same concentration.

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