BETA-GARD Storage Container

Model Number RB-70

  • Item Description
  • Specifications
  • Care & Instructions
  • Constructed of ½” cast acrylic
  • Provides maximum β-radiation protection
  • Refrigerator and freezer compatible for safe storage

The small BETA-GARD™storage container provides safe storage and transport of β-emitting samples. The storage container holds most test tube racks, small bottles, vials, and containers. The small storage container makes transport from bench to bench easy while protecting the user and lab from radiation. The container is constructed of heavy duty ½” cast acrylic for maximum β-radiation protection. The small storage container is also refrigerator and freezer compatible for safe storage.

Outer Dimensions:8.25”(W) x 7.0”(D) x 5.0(H)
Inner Dimensions:7.0”(W) x 5.0”(D) x 4.0”(H)
Weight:4.0 lbs.
Made of ½” thick cast acrylic.

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