UniPLUS RT-qPCR Master Mix


UniPLUS RT-qPCR Master Mix

Model Number IB43150

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UniPLUS RT-qPCR Master Mix is a universal RT-qPCR Master Mix kit that contains reagents and master mixes necessary to accurately and efficiently synthesize and amplify cDNA from RNA samples. The UniPLUS kit has been optimized for qPCR or RT-qPCR applications for use with both intercalating dye and probe based detection methods. The kit contains an aptamer modified warm start version of reverse transcriptase enzyme mix, an inhibitor tolerant HotStart qPCR Master Mix, intercalating dye and supplemental ROX reference dye. IBI UniPLUS RT-qPCR Master Mix also contains dUTP and UDG, allowing for minimal carry over contamination and providing high performance on samples from diverse sources and of different target types. UniPLUS RT-qPCR master mix contains a passive ROX reference dye enabling use on a wide variety of instruments. This ensures that for most platforms, no additional reagents are required for compatibility. A supplemental ROX solution is also included for use should it be required. The enzymes and buffer system have been optimized to support both 1-step and 2-step RT-qPCR protocols.

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