The Blot Washer - 220V
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The Blot Washer - 220V The Blot Washer - 220V The Blot Washer - 220V The Blot Washer - 220V

The Blot Washer - 220V

  • $2,138.02 Model Number BLWAA220S

  • Automated dispensing and aspiration of blot wash reagents
  • Programmable washing time, liquid dispense rate/volume, and aspiration rate/volume
  • Comes with: the pump/module, 4L wash bottle with cap, 4L waste bottle with cap, mini blot tray, standard blot tray, vacuum tube with connectors, dispense manifold, aspirate manifold, power cord, and operation manual.

The IBI Blot Washer system provides an economical way to automate your western blotting procedures while reducing background issues. The automated blot washer pump/control unit coupled with the 4L wash and waste reservoirs provide automated dispensing and aspiration of western blot reagents.

The automated blot washer pump/control unit contains a microprocessor and software that allows for the development of up to 20 stored programs. The software allows you to control all elements of the instruments capability: volume of wash or other reagent dispensed, number and duration of washes, and aspiration of reagents to waste. The user-friendly software offers an intuitive approach and allows the user to program a procedure in minutes.

The dispensing and aspirate manifolds of the automated blot washer are made up of hard plastic tubes that can be fastened to the side of the blot box and easily adjusted for any depth to accommodate any existing blot boxes in the lab.

Accessories for the automated blot washer include a quad harness which allows for processing up to four blots at once and a 140ml syringe which can be added for secondary reagent dispensing.

The Belly Dancer® Shaker can also be incorporated to provide the ideal mixing action for extremely low background. However, the system can be used with any existing shaking or rocking device in the laboratory.


Physical Specifications

Base Footprint (Control Module): 9.0” x 9.75”
Overall Height (Control Module): 5.5”
Product Weight (Control Module): 8lbs.
Shipping Weight (Complete System): 19lbs.
Electrical: 220V – 50/60Hz