Silver Stain Kit
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Silver Stain Kit

  • $324.60 Model Number IB01037

  • Used for staining very low concentrations of nucleic acids or proteins in polyacrylamide gels
  • Contains the following for staining 20 gels: (2) 250ml bottles of developer solution, (1) 250ml bottle of 10X silver stain solution, (1) 250ml bottle of 10X sensitizer solution

Silver Stain has outstanding sensitivity while producing very low background. The Silver Stain Kit is a rapid and easy-to-use method to achieve excellent silver staining of nucleic acids or proteins in polyacrylamide gels. This method requires only one hour after fixing the gel to be completed.

Silver Stain Kit provides sufficient, pre-measured reagents for staining 20 gels along with easy-to-follow directions for use.

All reagents are room temperature stable for more than one year. Reconstituted silver binding agent should be refrigerated for long term storage.

Physical Specifications
Formula Weight: N/A
Molecular Formula: N/A

Molecular Biology Specifications
DNase assay: N/A
RNase assay: N/A
Protease assay: N/A
Gel Analysis assay N/A

IB01037 - Specification Sheet

IB01037 Silver Stain Kit

Since the Silver Stain kit contains formaldehyde why doesn’t it ship as a hazardous material?

Based on the concentration of formaldehyde in these components (<1.0%), there is not enough to justify shipping as a hazard, which negates UN2209 Formaldehyde, Solutions with not less than 25% formaldehyde. Also, neither component containing formaldehyde is classified as flammable which would rule out Formaldehyde, solutions, flammable, UN1198.