Semi Dry Blotter – 24cm x 30cm
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Semi Dry Blotter – 24cm x 30cm Semi Dry Blotter – 24cm x 30cm

Semi Dry Blotter – 24cm x 30cm

  • $1,282.76 Model Number IB45000

  • Ideal for efficient and economic transfer of protein, RNA, or DNA from plyacrylamide or agarose gels to a solid membrane support, which is subsequently visualized by staining methods
  • Working Surface Dimensions: 24cm long x 30cm wide
  • Recommended Maximum Capacity: 6 Trans-Units

The IB45000 Semi dry transfer system has a transfer surface that measures 24cm x 30cm and each plate is graphite coated to reduce heat, minimize buffer usage and produce clear transfer bands that are not distorted.

A transfer unit stack is formed by the gel and membrane being in contact and sandwiched between filter papers soaked in transfer buffer. An electric current is applied perpendicular to the gel and buffer saturated filter papers. The bands from the charged molecules of the gels migrate and bind to the membrane to complete the transfer. The time required to complete the transfer is dependent on molecule size and the number of transfer units being transferred.

Several stacks of transfer units can be run simultaneously. The IB45000 Semi-dry transfer system can accommodate six trans-units at the same time and larger gels up to 24cm x 30cm. Great for 2D transfers and multiple gel transfers.

Working surface dimensions: 24.0cm(W) x 30.0cm(L)
Weight: 9.5 lbs.
Cathode electrode wire: 42 inches
Anode electrode wire: 42 inches
Recommended capacity: 6 trans-units.

Current Density -- Trans Units -- Time Limit
0.8ma/cm2 ----------- 1 to 6 ----------- 1 to 2 hours
2.5ma/cm2 ----------- 1 to 6 ----------- 30 – 45 minutes
1.0ma/cm2 ----------- 1 to 6 ----------- 10 – 30 minutes