Saliva Collection Kit - Without DNA Stabilization Solution

Model Number SK-300

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  • Cost-effective and non-invasive method for capturing Viral DNA/RNA samples
  • Easy to use funnel fits on to collection tube
  • Standardized for high throughput processing and automated liquid handling
  • Typical DNA/RNA yields following IBI DNA/RNA Extraction Method = 100 µg
  • Optimized for use in COVID-19 testing

The IBI Saliva Collection Kit is designed to easily capture and store saliva samples deposited directly from patients.

The IBI Saliva Collection kit (Model numbers SK-300 through SK-350) are designed to easily capture and store saliva samples deposited directly from patients. These kits have been optimized for collecting saliva specimens meant for use in RNA extraction procedures such as those used for COVID-19 and other viral diagnostic/detection procedures.

Kit includes a funnel that easily attaches to the included 12ml collection tube. The label on the collection tube contains a bar code and a line indicating the level at which saliva needs to be deposited. This kit is designed for high throughput automated liquid handling systems. Detailed instructions on use are also included in the kit.

IBI Saliva Collection Kits are factory packaged and ready for use. They are available in a wide range of quantities including a single kit up to packs of 50.



Kit Contents:

1 x collection funnel and 12ml tube.

1 x instruction manual for use of IBI saliva collection kit.

The dimensions of the tube are as follows:
i.d. = 14.05mm
o.d. = 16.5mm
Length = 100mm
Volume = 12ml

*Dimensions do NOT include cap.

This is a skirted tube with a screw cap

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