P.F.G.E. Agarose - 250g
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P.F.G.E. Agarose - 250g

  • $221.81 Model Number IB70063

CAS#: 9012-36-6

  • Designed for pulse field gel electrophoresis and cell and enzyme immobilization
  • Separates and finely resolves molecules >1000bp
  • Extremely high gel strength
  • Greater thermal stability
  • Low absorption of staining agents
  • DNase- and RNase-Free

IBI Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis (PFGE) Agarose is designed for PFGE, standard electrophoresis and blotting, and cell and enzyme immobilization. The low sulfate content and strong intercatenary interactions between the linear polymer structure of the agarose provides high gel strength and a high exclusion limit.

IBI PFGE Agarose separates and finely resolves molecules >1000bp.

Physical Specifications
CAS#: 9012-36-6
Moisture: ≤7%
Ash: ≤0.25%
EEO: ≤0.12
Sulfate: ≤0.12%
Clarity @ 1.5% (NTU): ≤4
Gel Strength @ 1.0% (g/cm2): ≥1800
Gel Strength @ 1.5% (g/cm2): ≥3200
Gelling Temperature @ 1.5%: 36°C ± 1.5°C
Melting Temperature @ 1.5%: 88°C ± 1.5°C

Molecular Biology Specifications
DNase assay: None Detected
RNase assay: None Detected
Protease assay: None Detected
Gel Analysis assay: Pass
DNA Resolution: ≥ 1000bp (Finely Resolved)
DNA Extraction assay: Pass
Gel Background: Very Low

IB70063 - Specification Sheet