Methanol, Ultra-Pure Grade


Methanol, Ultra-Pure Grade

Model Number IB15757


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CAS#: 67-56-1

  • Used for western transfer procedures, histology, and cytology
  • This product CANNOT be shipped to a private residence.

Ultra-Pure Grade Methanol is used extensively during western transfer procedures. It can also be used for histology and cytology applications. Methanol is also known as methyl alcohol.

Physical Specifications
Molecular Weight:32.04
Molecular Formula:CH3OH
Appearance:Clear, colorless liquid
Purity:Min. 99.8%
Specific Gravity:0.783 – 0.791
Moisture (KF):Max. 0.1%

IB15757 - Specification Sheet

When I mix water with the methanol it turns cloudy. Is there something wrong with the material?

Methanol can turn cloudy when mixed with water. If you let the material stand for a period of time it will clear up. This does not affect performance.


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