Methanol, HPLC Grade - 1 L

Model Number IB15750

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CAS#: 67-56-1

  • Used for High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
  • This product CANNOT be shipped to a private residence.

HPLC Grade Methanol is a high purity, functionally tested reagent suitable for High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). It has low UV absorption and low particulate count to reduce background.

Methanol is also known as methyl alcohol.

Physical Specifications
CAS#: 67-56-1
Molecular Weight: 32.0
Molecular Formula: CH3OH
Purity: Max. 99.8%
Abs.@ 210nm: Min. 0.80
Abs.@ 220nm: Min. 0.40
Abs.@ 230nm: Min. 0.20
Abs.@ 240nm: Min. 0.10
Abs. @ 260nm: Min. 0.04
Abs.@ 280-400nm: Min. 0.01
Carbonyl Compounds: Min. 0.001
Color (APHA): Min. 10
Residue after evaporation(%): Min. 0.001
Titratable acid (meg/g): Min. 0.0003
Titratable base (meg/g): Min. 0.0002
Water: Min. 0.1%

IB15750 - Specification Sheet

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