IBI KleenGreen qPCR 2X Master Mix


IBI KleenGreen qPCR 2X Master Mix

Model Number IB43140


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  • Specifications
  • SDS
  • Certificate of Analysis
  • Fast activation time (2 minutes)
  • Complete suppression of enzymatic activity at room temperature
  • Environmentally safe due to non-cytotoxic, non-mutagenic, and cell membrane impermeable characteristics of the KleenGreen dye
  • Unrivaled DNA melt curve performance
  • Compatible with multiplex PCR
  • KleenGreen dye possesses similar absorption and emission spectra as SYBR Green® I

IBI KleenGreen 2 XqPCR Master Mix is a premixed solution ready for fast and standard qPCR. This master mix contains IBI Taq HotStart DNA Polymerase, a chemically modified enzyme with near full recovery of the 5’→ 3’ polymerase and exonuclease activities following a 2-minute initial denaturation period. The master mix also contains KleenGreen dye, reaction buffer, and dNTPs. A ROX reference dye is supplied separately for use with some thermocyclers.

KleenGreen dye is an environmentally safe dye that emits fluorescence when bound to double-stranded DNA. The dye is far brighter than SYBR® Green I for detecting amplification based on a mechanism that releases the KleenGreen dye to bind to DNA when dsDNA is available. KleenGreen dye does not migrate from amplicon to amplicon ensuring detection of multiple PCR products by melt curves. An optimal concentration of KleenGreen dye is used in the master mix for low PCR inhibition while allowing the saturation dye concentration for maximum signal and high-resolution DNA melt analysis. KleenGreen dye is stable during storage and PCR conditions. Because of these characteristics, the PCR product can be added directly to an agarose gel without the addition of a staining agent.


1 x 100 µl – IBI Taq HotStart DNA Polymerase, Proprietary PCR Reaction Buffer, KleenGreen Dye, and dNTPs

1 x 30 µl - 25 µM ROX Reference Dye


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