Hi/Lo Rocker, with +3 Platform – 115 V
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Hi/Lo Rocker, with +3 Platform – 115 V Hi/Lo Rocker, with +3 Platform – 115 V Hi/Lo Rocker, with +3 Platform – 115 V

Hi/Lo Rocker, with +3 Platform – 115 V

  • $1,121.09 Model Number ROCLS0003

  • Operates in cold rooms and CO2 incubators (0° – 60⁰)
  • Adjustable speed (0 – 22 RPM) and tilt control (2° – 11⁰)
  • Platforms are 12” x 12” and hold up to 20 lbs total weight
  • Comes with: Hi/Lo Rocker – 115 V unit (ROCAA115S) and the 3 Platform Kit (ACCRC00P3)
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The heavy-duty, bench top rocker is designed for versatility. It operates on bench tops, in high humidity or dry incubators, in high temperature ovens (to 65° C), and refrigerated units (to 0° C). Typical applications include: Staining and Destaining Gels, Northern and Southern Hybridizations, Western Blotting and Rinsing Membranes, Cell Culture Incubation, and Phage Elutions or Amplification of cDNA libraries.

The Hi-Lo Rocker fits easily into laboratory incubators, ovens, and refrigerated units without rearranging shelves or disturbing other materials. The thin, flat power cord reaches external outlets without damaging incubator or refrigerator gaskets. The platform is continuously adjustable from 2° to 11° and can be effortlessly changed in 15 seconds. The speed varies from 0 - 22 rpm with no cogging at slow speeds.

All finishes and hardware are stainless steel and the rocker can be easily disassembled for sterilizing in the autoclave. The rocker can hold a maximum load of 20 lbs. A maximum of 4 rocker platforms increases the rocker capacity using the same amount of bench space. A non-skid silicone mat comes with each platform to hold and stabilize loads.

The Hi-Lo Rocker operates on a permanent magnet 24 VDC motor.

The +3 Platform Kit comes with all of the parts necessary to add three platforms to the standard rocker for a total of four platforms.

The Hi Lo Rocker was previously manufactured by Stovall Scientific. All IBI accessories and replacement parts are compatible with the Stovall Hi Lo Profile Rocker. 

Base Footprint: 13.75” X 15.75”
Standard platform: 12” x 12”
Overall Height: 3.75”
Height between platforms: 4.50”
Overall height w/+1 platform: 6.56”
Overall height w/+2 platforms: 10.56”
Overall height w/+3 platforms: 15.25”
Unit weight: 16 lbs
Shipping weight: 21 lbs (single platform unit)
Max weight on platform: 20 lbs
Electrical: 115 V (ROCAA115S, ROCLS0001, ROCLS0002, ROCLS0003)
220 V (ROCAA220S, ROCLS0004, ROCLS0005, ROCLS0006)
Motor (permanent magnet): 24 VDC
Operating temp. range: 0°C – 60°C
Max. operating humidity (non-condensing): 95%
Operates in C02 incubator: Yes
Platform pitch: Adjustable from 2° to 11°