Acryliquid 40% Solution - 500ml
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Acryliquid 40% Solution - 500ml

  • $59.02 Model Number IB70010

  • Used to make polyacrylamide solutions for gel electrophoresis

Polyacrylamide gels are commonly used in electrophoresis applications, formed by free radical polymerization of acrylamide and bisacrylamide (crosslinker). IBI Acryliquid 40% Solution and InstaBIS-2 can be used to make 19:1, 29:1, and 37.5:1 polyacrylamide solutions.

Acryliquid-40 comes with instructions for mixing different ratios.

Physical Specifications
CAS#: 79-06-1
Formula Weight: 71.08
Molecular Formula: C3H5NO
Conductivity Max: 5 μmho
Melting Point: 85 ± 1°C
pH (@ 25°C): 6.5 ± 0.5
Free Acrylic Acid: <0.005%

IB70010 - Specification Sheet

Recommended Use

A primary component of polyacrylamide gels used for sequencing and protein electrophoresis. Use the supplied reference table to determine the correct volumes of Acryliquid™- 40 and InstaBis™-2 to make 100 mL of X% Gel. InstaBis™ –2 is a 2% (w/v) solution of ultra-pure bisacylamide in deionized water. To determine the volumes of Acryliquid™-40 and InstaBis™-2 to add for gel percentages not listed, use the following formula: