10X TBE Buffer Concentrate - 10L
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10X TBE Buffer Concentrate - 10L

  • $185.85 Model Number IB70154

  • Electrophoresis buffer containing Tris, Boric Acid, and EDTA

10 X TBE Buffer (Tris / Boric Acid / EDTA) has a significantly greater buffering capacity than TAE and eliminates the need for recirculation in all but the most extended runs. This attribute makes TBE the buffer of choice for DNA sequencing and other extended electrophoresis applications.

Physical Specifications
Solution Components
0.089 M Tris
0.089 M Boric Acid
0.002 M EDTA
Conductivity (1X Solution): 750-1250 μmhos
pH (1X Solution @ 25oC): 8.2-8.4

IB70154 - Specification Sheet

What if the 10 x TBE starts to gather precipitate after a period of time, is it still good to use? Yes. It is not uncommon for 10 X TBE to start forming a precipitate over time, due to the high concentration of the solution. The solution can be gently heated in a water bath, no warmer than 50°C, continue doing this until the precipitate is back into the solution. The solution can also be filtered using a 1 micron filter to remove the precipitate. Removing the precipitate will not cause a large impact on the concentration and the material can still be used in downstream applications.