Plasmid DNA Extraction

IBI offers four sizes of plasmid extraction kits including 96-Well, Maxi, Midi, and Mini for labs of all sizes. Endotoxin-free kits are available in the Maxi, Midi, and Mini sizes. The purified plasmid DNA is suitable for transfection, sequencing reactions, ligation, PCR, in-vitro transcription, micro-injection, restriction enzyme digestion, and gene gun.

Reference the samples sizes listed below to choose the right kit for you:

• Mini Plasmid Kits: 1-7ml bacterial culture
• Midi Plasmid Kits: 50-150ml bacterial culture
• Maxi Plasmid Kits: 100-250ml bacterial culture
• 96-Well Plasmid Kits: 1-2ml bacterial culture per well

96-Well Plasmid Kits
Maxi Plasmid Kits
Midi Plasmid Kits
Mini Plasmid Kits