QS-710 Quick Screen Electrophoresis System

IBI’s QS-710 Quick Screen Electrophoresis system is a horizontal gel box designed for rapid, linear separations of nucleic acids. It requires minimal setup and provides excellent band resolution with consistent lane-to-lane mobility for accurate results. The QS-710 is versatile for use with applications requiring quick screens such as fragment analysis and recombinant screening in 30 minutes or less.

The maximum suggested applied voltage for the electrophoresis of DNA in agarose gels, using the QS-710, is 100 volts. In a 1% TBE gel, this translates into a run time of approximately one hour. Lower voltages may be used with the general rule that a 50V run will take twice as long as a 100V run. Higher voltages may be used to decrease the run time; however, the heat generated during high voltage electrophoresis may decrease sample resolution. Such artifacts may be avoided by running the unit in a cold room or by adding 1X electrophoresis buffer “ice cubes” to keep the unit properly cooled.
The suggested run parameters for the electrophoresis of RNA in agarose gels containing formaldehyde is 60-80 volts. Since the QS-710 has no capacity for buffer recirculation, the buffer from each reservoir should be collected after 1.5 hours of electrophoresis.

The QS-710 Quick Screen Electrophoresis System comes with: vented lid, UVT casting tray, casting fixture, two 1.5 mm x 8 tooth combs, bubble level, and power cords.

The QS-710 Quick Screen DNA Start-Up Kit comes with: QS-710 Electrophoresis System, 5 ml of 6 X Loading Dye, 1 L of 10 X TAE Buffer, 1 L of 10 X TBE Buffer, and 100 g of Molecular Biology Grade Agarose.

Specifications include:

• Gel Dimensions: 7.0 cm (wide) x 10.0 cm (long)
• Maximum Sample Capacity: 30 samples (2 combs, 15 samples ea)
• Buffer Capacity: 250 ml
• Distance Between Electrodes: 19.3 cm
• Maximum Voltage: 200 V