Mini Plasmid Extraction Kits

IBI offers two different Mini plasmid kits including the Hi-Speed Plasmid Kits and I-Blue Plasmid Kits.

Reference the differences in the Hi-Speed and I-Blue Kits below to choose the right kit for you:

• Mini Hi-Speed Plasmid Kits: spin column, 30 minute operation time, 1 – 4ml sample size, expected yield 20-30µg DNA for high-copy plasmid and 3-10µg for low-copy plasmid DNA. No colored lysis buffer included.

• I-Blue Mini Plasmid Kits: spin column, 20 minute operation time, 1 – 7ml sample size, expected yield up to 50µg DNA. Includes blue lysis buffer for efficient lysis and neutralization.