MIDI FlexTubes

IBI MIDI FlexTubes are typically used for the following applications: dialysis, gel extraction, electro-elution, and de-salting. The design of the FlexTube allows for easy loading and unloading with a standard pipette tip. Multiple tubes can be place in one buffer tank for high-throughput applications with minimal hands-on time.

MIDI FlexTubes require a minimum of 0.5µg of protein or DNA/RNA at the start of extraction. The maximum size of the gel slice that can be inserted into the MIDI FlexTube is 0.5x1cm.

The yield of DNA/RNA recovery from an agarose gel or polyacrylamide gel is 90%. The yield of protein recovery from an SDS-PAGE gel is 70%. The FlexTube membrane is ultra-clean, sulfur- and heavy metal-free, and EDTA treated.

The MIDI FlexTubes are available with the following Molecular Weight Cut-Offs (MWCO): 1KDa, 3.5KDa, and 6-8KDa.