Total DNA-RNA & Protein Isolation

Extract DNA, RNA and Protein from the same cell culture sample, blood sample, tissue sample and more!

IBI offers two different kits that simultaneously extract DNA, RNA and Protein from the same sample.

Reference the differences below in Isolate DNA/RNA Reagent Kit and Total DNA/RNA/Protein Mini Kit:

• Isolate DNA/RNA Reagent Kit: reagent based isolation, 60 minute operation time, scalable sample size. Can also extract protein from sample with additional protocol. Uses phenol, chloroform and guanidine isothiocyanate for extraction.

• IBI DNA/RNA/Protein Extraction Kit: spin column, 25 minute operation time, up to 5×106 animal cells/up to 25mg animal tissue/up to 100µl biological fluids/up to 500µl whole blood sample size, expected yield up to 50µg DNA. Uses DNA and RNA spin columns for extraction. Protein precipitation in 50 minutes. Kit utilizes the Flow Through from each step to obtain the RNA and Protein.